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Kalimdor Bugs

on 17/3/2018, 6:13 pm
Halfcocked, Alliance

The Escape - Ratchet ID863
Escort the Shredder out of the drill site.
Once the npc is safe (only a short distance to travel) he confirms he's safe and eventually vanishes at which point the quest should complete, however it doesn't credit.

Edit: - Redsonja  I changed the quest please test and see if it will complete or not without the escort. 4-8-2018

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Re: Kalimdor Bugs

on 7/4/2018, 2:25 pm
[60] Stave Of The Ancients (Silithus, north-west of Ahn'qiraj entrance)

Player: Isendil, Alliance.

Issue: It's impossible to get Solenor's head from Silithous. The NPC does not drop it at all, unlike other NPCs that are required to kill. I was able to complete the quest with the help of Mathaias, he suggested that it's the drop rate issue.

Source: Stave Of The Ancients

Edit: RedSonja I put in a fix for this please test it. 4-8-2018
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